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Who doesn’t love a Blondie?

It’s no secret that I’m a choc-o-holic.

If I could eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and supper…life would be grand!

So, it’s safe to say that for me to make a dessert that does not include chocolate…HA!

These chewy blondies are soft and buttery and loaded with you guessed it…

chocolate chips!

Okay, so maybe we should start with what exactly is a blondie? Is it a chocolate chip cookie bar? A brownie without the chocolate? To some maybe the answer is that simple, but for me the answer is not so square. These blondies go way beyond just a cookie fix.

You see when making chocolate chip cookies, you cream the softened butter and sugar together. When I make my blondies, the butter is slowly melted just to the point of brown butter. Then the warm silky butter mixture is poured over my homemade brown sugar creating this thick, carmelesque texture setting up the base for the most decadent chewy blondie bursting with the signature butterscotch flavor.

So back to what is a Blondie?

Well others claim blondies are like brownies just minus the cocoa powder and all you do is just add vanilla. I say slow your roll. You don’t just add the vanilla, it’s all about the vanilla!!

Many of you may not know this fun fact, but I make my own special homemade vanilla extract. I use bourbon instead of vodka…if you know me you know that I always have to be different. I add in only the finest Madagascar vanilla beans, and I let the flavors marry and the magic happens. The bourbon gives the vanilla this distinct sultry, sexy essence.

I find bourbon makes a lovely vanilla extract that offers that little extra somethin' somethin' to all my baking recipes. Bourbon has a deep, rich caramel note on its own, and once infused with the vanilla beans it offers a luxurious depth of flavor.

Each Blondie batch not only gets the bourbon vanilla extract, I also squeeze the vanilla bean releasing what I like to call "Liquid gold", those fantastic vanilla bean flecks, it's really like a liquid paste that comes out of the bean making sure to that bourbon vanilla shines through.

I love to add some chocolate shavings on top and when the mood strikes me I sprinkle some salt flecks!

So, when you are hankering for a delicious treat, grab a blondie. They are buttery, soft, chewy, and loaded with chocolate chips!! I think you’re going to really love these! They perfect to tuck into a lunch box and elegant enough to serve as dessert!

It’s the brownie side kick. They are the Brownies cute Blondie sister!!

Give them a try!!


~Miss Mollie

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Mar 01, 2023

They are wonderful for dessert!! I always have them on hand for unexpected company and everyone LOVES THE BEST BROWNIES ever!!! 😍😍😍

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