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Lemonie Blondies!

Lemonie Blondie!!

You better citra-ass down for this flavor!

This new flavor is going to make you wanna pucker right up!!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love ALL things rich and fudgy, BUT there is something so special about a Lemonie Blondie.How without chocolate you say? You didn’t think I would create something without at least a little chocolate now did you? C’mon you know me better than that!!

I have loved all things chocolate and all things lemon since I was a little girl.

When I was a young girl, my mom used to buy Sunshine Lemon Coolers in the summertime when they came out. Since we were a family of ten, she used to hide all of the snack treats so that they would not get eaten so fast. She actually thought she was so crafty and did not think we knew where they were. Silly assumption really, especially since I was always so swift and skilly.

I could not wait to get my little paws on those delicious crisp Lemon Coolers. I remember in each bite there being such a bright zest of lemon, but they were covered in powdered sugar which made them sweet as well. Genius really how they captured that tart and sweet combo. I used to sneak into the kitchen and practically eat the entire box. I would leave at least two or three because my sister Cheryl LOVED these cookies!!! Cheryl would get so angry when she went to get some and saw that they were practically all gone. Admittedly as all siblings do, I would take pleasure in knowing that I antagonized my sister. I was laughing in the corner while she was yelling about the slob who ate all of her favorite cookies, and she swore she would find out who it was…and beat their ass, but she never did until now …LOL!!!

Soon, Sunshine discontinued the Lemon Coolers and those days of sneaking that zippy zesty treat and ticking off my sister were over. I had never found a treat that was the same. I searched high and low and was always disappointed.

Once I started my brownie business, I wanted to recreate that special feeling of hot summer days gone by of sneaking that zippy zesty treat that captured my fresh personality as a child.

After much craftiness in the kitchen, these blondies were born, and boy do they scream freshness!!

I add fresh lemon juice and zest into both the batter and the glorious icing on top which gives these blondies a beautiful burst of flavor. Combine that with the gooeyness of the blondie that is delicately sprinkled with a perfect balance of white chocolate to round out the flavors, creating the perfect blend of sweet and tart in every bite.

These two flavors the zip and the zest wrangled with sweetness…that is how I would describe my sister Cheryl, my Cheroo!! You see, she was always zippy and zesty with just the right blend of sweetness. Cheryl never gives up and continues to amaze me every day as she forgers forward in pursuit of her dreams. Cheryl is the hardest worker I know.

She has always been there for me through both the good times and bad. She was there for me through breast cancer, losing my home, starting my business, all the moves, breakups, heartaches, etc. Cheryl always had my back. Cheryl always rooted for me, cheered me on.

Most of all Cheryl always believed in me. Even though I was the stinker who stole her cookies all those years ago. She has always been the ying to my yang, the sweet to my tart. To be fair, I learned all my swiftness and skilliness from her.

Yesterday I learned that she too has been on the hunt for the Sunshine Lemon Coolers and has never found anything that could come close.

So today I dedicate my Lemonie Blondies to you Cheroo!! I hope they are everything you have been searching for. I might just leave a few for you!

Love you Bunches!!


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