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My passion for all thing’s brownies began, with the hopes of saving my home.

I was losing my home due to my recent divorce, and to make matters more difficult I was laid off from my job, landing me on unemployment.  

During one of the three hour long unemployment mandatory meetings, I was handed a booklet to attend another meeting if I was interested. The program was called SEAP (Self-Employment Assistance Program). The program was designed to help you start a business while earning unemployment. The catch was that you had to get accepted into the program, work full-time on developing the business while collecting unemployment benefits. The program was designed to run for a year.

I was tired of working and getting nowhere, as this last layoff was my second in a few years, so I jumped at the chance to create my own destiny. 

I was accepted into the program October 2015. Within three months, with no business training, I managed to develop my recipes, product testing, created logos, labels, business cards, design packaging, researched my competition, wrote a thirty-four page business and marketing plan, designed my Facebook page, conducted inventory research, prepared brownie cost sheets, including recipe cost, breaking down my gross profit, mark ups, and gross margins for every single flavor. 

I was so excited to launch my business. I was set to debut on January 12, 2016.


Boom.... The SEAP program lost its funding.

After the program lost its funding, I was left scrambling and with no money in my pocket. 

I was left feeling deflated, then I remembered what my father told me right before he died, he said, “Don’t look back, keep going forward.” Instead of giving up, I decided to start returning water bottles to pay for baking ingredients. Friends and family would drop off bags and bags of bottles for me to return.

And bam! Miss Mollie’s Brownies was born.

I started selling my brownies locally at the Farmers Market, and shortly thereafter my brownie journey began.  

My dreams, my goal is to become a household name, while making the world a sweeter place, one brownie a time.

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