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Meet Miss Mollie

My Story - My Brownies

My Breast Cancer Journey -

I am a single mom, a Breast Cancer Survivor, and baking brownies is my passion! My story is that of facing adversity with grace and resilience.

It is my sincerest hope that my story empowers you, motivates you and transcends your experiences and limitations into endless possibilities and opportunities. I invite you to embark on this sweet journey with me. 

Always remember, Never Lose Your Sparkle!


My Breast Cancer Journey

This is my personal Breast Cancer journey...

One of grace and resilience. 

Please join me on the path to loving my body after Breast Cancer and living my life Flat and Fabulous!


My mission is to inspire, empower, support, and give hope to those women who are going through breast cancer, women who are faced with the same choice as myself to have double mastectomy (flat closure), and any woman who feels that their body is not what society dictates it should be by creating a positive safe space for women to interact, while teaching them to love their body no matter what their body looks like.

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