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Meet Miss Mollie

My Story - My Brownies

My Breast Cancer Journey -

I am a single mother, a Breast Cancer survivor, and baking brownies is my passion! 


My story is all about overcoming adversity with grace and resilience. I faced life’s toughest battles with the strength of a superhero and the sweetness of freshly-baked brownies.


I hope that my story can inspire and motivate you by reminding you to never give up, and always see beyond your own limitations.


I invite you to embark on this sweet journey with me that is filled with delicious treats and heartwarming tales of resilience. Remember, sweet friend, you are a shining star in your own right, so go out there and light up the world!


Always remember to Never lose your Sparkle!

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My Breast Cancer Journey

This is my personal Breast Cancer journey...

One of grace and resilience. 

Join me in embracing a positive body image after Breast Cancer


My aim is to inspire, empower and support women going through breast cancer, particularly those who have chosen to have a double mastectomy with flat closure.


I want to create a safe and positive space where women can interact and learn to love their bodies, regardless of society's expectations.


Let's walk the path to self-love and acceptance together!

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