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These Brownies are Mint to be eaten

Besides the magical culinary combination, this brownie has its own story!

I promise those of you who love my Peppermint Bark Brownies, this combo of Chocolate and mint is definitely for you!! Those of you that are skeptical about the chocolate and mint arena, my delicate balance of flavors has converted even those die-hard mint chocolate skeptics. I swear something about this brownie combination puts a smile on everyone’s face.

The legend goes… my dear sweet friend Gary Goldstein is the mastermind mind, the incredible talent behind my brownie labels. Gary and I met eight years ago when all this was just a dream.

Gary is an art teacher, professional photographer, and a creative wizard. When Gary and I started to collaborate, it was like a breath of fresh air to work with him. He quickly understood my vison, he just got me. He would come up with the most beautiful designs that I have ever seen. Not only is Gary incredibly talented, but he is also extremely generous. He has been designing my labels for free. If it was not for his generous nature, I would not have the beautiful labels that I have today. I am forever grateful for his friendship and humbled by his generosity.

One day Gary mentioned to me that he loves mint chip and said that should be a brownie flavor to have in my arsenal, so how could a girl resist. I grew up eating chocolate and mint. I loved Andie’s Candies. My grandmother always had them at her house, or sometimes I would sneak a York Peppermint Patty out of my mom’s pocketbook when I was younger. Ahh, nothing like a mint chocolate chip ice cream cone on a hot summer day. So, I set out to try to recreate that magical flavor combination.

It's a delicate balance combining the mighty forces of chocolate and mint! These brownies deliver nothing short of a thrilling combination of my magnificent chocolate-y brownie infused with the refreshing hint of fresh mint, sprinkled with my special homemade mint chips.

The thing about my homemade mint chips is that they give just the perfect burst of mint in each bite. The deep, rich velvety chocolate is the perfect back drop for the mint chips to shine on.

The combination of these two powerhouse flavors are intense, quirky, and unique just like Gary. These flavors were mint to be together!!

So, when you are hankering for a delicious treat, with a bit of pizzaz, grab a mint chip brownie. They are decadent and refreshing with just a hint of mint!

I think you’re going to really love these! They are perfect alone, or even better topped with a sccop of ice cream!!

What a fabulous way to perk up your mouth and pep up your smile!

A good brownie is like a good friend, hard to find but lucky to have! In honor of you Gary Goldstein, this ones for you!!

Give them a try!!


~Miss Mollie

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