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The apple of Grandma's pie

I seriously think these Apple Pie Blondies are one of my BEST Fall desserts.

They are truly unbelievapple!

So why Apple Pie Blondies?

Apple pie is the quintessential old-timey recipe that everyone remembers their grandma making. Just about everybody's grandma had a secret recipe stashed in her recipe box.

So, let’s dial things back to little Miss Mollie. Some of my sweetest memories were spent in the kitchen at my grandmother's house with my Nanny learning her secrets of baking. As I grew older, I realized her baking was a labor of love laying the foundation for lasting memories and traditions for me to continue.

My poor mom could not bake to save her life lol, but my Nanny sure could. She loved to bake her famous apple pie. Every year she would make the most delicate blend of delicious apples and spices, bake them into a perfectly baked golden buttery, flaky crust. The smell of apples and spices was intoxicating, it would fill up her kitchen. The anticipation of waiting for that pie to come out of the oven…it felt like eternity. Once baked, she would serve it warm and top it with just a dollop of her fresh homemade whipped cream. One of my applesolute favorite times to eat a slice of her pie was for breakfast. No judgement, don't knock it till you try it!

Now, my Nanny was adamant about only using Granny Smith apples in her apple pie. I remember her pie tasting so heavenly…it was the perfect blend of apples and spices. As I grew older, I wanted to experiment with her recipe by using different apples. My Nanny was very routine, and she always said’ “You don’t monkey with tradition", BUT she supported my willingness to branch out and think outside the box. I wanted to make her recipe but with a blend of different apples. She felt the pie would not work with those apples and was hesitant about the outcome. She let me do my thing and together we baked magic! My Nanny was so shocked how much more flavorful it was. She said it was the most delicious apple pie she has ever eaten. I loved that we took something so nostalgic and created something so spectacular together. We did that!

Each year since my Nanny passed, true to form when the crisp air rolls in, I would bake our special apple pie.

While brainstorming my Fall flavors for my brownie business, one of the flavors that came to my mind first was apple pie, and all the memories of baking apple pie with my Nanny came flooding back. My Nanny had a passion for baking, and she loved to share her goodies with her friends and family. When it came to the creation of the Apple Pie Blondie, I thought: what better way to honor my Nanny than to turn her apple pie recipe into Apple Pie Blondies? I only wish that my Nanny was around to have been able to taste my Apple Pie Blondies. I have no doubt in my mind that she would’ve loved them.

She would have been smitten to the core!

Today, I feel nostalgic and overjoyed to carry on the tradition of my grandmother’s famous apple pie, and it’s my greatest pleasure to be able to share our love of baking with you through my Apple Pie Blondies.

I can't fight this peeling anymore, so I'm off to make some apple-solutely delicious desserts!


~Miss Mollie

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Terry Sexton
Terry Sexton
24 sept. 2022

Love this story and your Apple Pie Blondies!!

En réponse à

Thank you sweet Terry! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog.

Love you bunches! XOXO

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