Time to Fall in love with yourself

Fall a time of change, beautiful changes all around. Crisp fall days, apple picking, pumpkin pie, and holidays that bring families together. Even the trees understand change.

This time of year the trees are in all their beauty with colors so brilliantly vibrant beautiful tones of yellow, orange, brown, providing us with beautiful tranquil scenery. Yet by months end they too lose their outward beauty…transforming into something much more wonderful. The falling leaves are a reminder that in time outward beauty fades. Each falling leaf shows us the brilliant transformation that while our outer beauty fades, we are stripped, left to see that true inner beauty is what makes us outwardly beautiful. We are left with months of seeing that tree bare it’s beautiful soul, yet sadly because it does not look like we want it to, it goes unnoticed by most of us.

This time of year truly resonates for me that all the beauty you need is already inside YOU!

For me, I now see things a bit differently, especially in October, but the message is still the same. The beautiful month of October now represents for me strength, hope, courage, grace, resilience, sisterhood and inner beauty! Where I might have seen warm beautiful tones, they have changed to beautiful shades of pink. The beautiful tranquil scenery has changed a bit as I look down and see the beautiful scars that adorn my chest. It too has brought what I consider family together, I have befriended a group of strong beautiful courageous women, with whom I have forged a special sisterhood bond with, they are my family!

I never imagined that my favorite time of year would be a reminder of this type of change. I never thought I would be writing about the loss of my breasts… but, I am here to share my story with all those who are willing to share along with me.

It is my greatest wish to inspire other women to love their bodies…love their beauty. However, in doing this it is so hard not to feel guilty standing here, as I remember all the beautiful trail blazers before me who were not as lucky as I, who lost their courageous battle with this awful disease. I dedicate my voice to them. I truly believe in my heart that I am here for a reason to share my story and help others, and I am so humbled and honored to do so.

If I can inspire just one woman to love herself, to love her beauty and to help her partner in life to understand and do the same, then that would make my heart so happy!