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Classic S'mores and Blondie S'mores
  • Classic S'mores and Blondie S'mores

    S'mores options without the campfire! Choose how you S'more!

    You can now enjoy the best of both worlds, Classic S'mores and my NEW Blondie S'mores.


    Classic S'mores: I have taken a classic summer dessert to a new level. Fudgy gooey brownie smothered with a toasted billowy cloud of marshmallows, and sandwiched between two crispy golden graham crackers, bringing you all the flavors of summer in one bite!  Perfect for your next cook out or to pack in your picnic basket!


    Blondie S'mores: My rich, gooey, fudgey Blondie smothered with fluffy toasty marshmallows, sandwiched between two golden graham crackers. These are beyond delicious!!

    (The six brownies arrive sweetly packaged in a box of love).