Every Brownie has a story…

Best Friends Brownie

There are just Certain things that go together…they bring out the best in each other…never letting the other down…perfect partners in crime. No one can resist Swooning over our decadent chocolate brownie mixed with swirls of salty, Creamy Peanut Butter…Match for life…BFF

To understand the Story behind my Best Friend Brownie…

Meet My Friend Denise.

Denise is true angel walking among us.

I have been blessed to know Denise for 21 years. The gift of her friendship has been a gift of a lifetime. Our friendship is one of the single most important relationships in my life.

I am completely indebted to her for the role that she plays in my life. From the moment we met, she has been my life vest when I am drowning…my personal cheerleader when I need celebrating … she is my broom to dust me off when things get tough. She is the rare constant in my crazy life full of twists and turns. She listens without judgement to my silly adventures and my heart-breaking tales.

When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, she was right there by my side. She took me to every doctor visit, every procedure, and every surgery.

She was a new mom herself, and after working 12 hour shifts at her job at the hospital, she would come over to drain my drains, cook for me, help bathe me, help me to the bathroom, brush my teeth, dress me, clean my house, and grocery shop for me.

She held my hand and wiped my tears…she said she did not want me to go through this alone.

Denise…today and every day, I thank you for the millions of times you have shown up in my life and made it sparkle so much brighter.

Thank you for all the love you provide not only to me, but my kids. I love you, unconditionally, for everything that you are. You are more than my friend…You are my family...You are My Person!

You, girl...are my soul friend!


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